Packaging Analysis

Opportunity Analysis for Saving Time and Money

What are your biggest industrial packaging challenges?

  • Damage in Transit
  • Too Many Suppliers
  • Too Much Warehouse Space
  • Bugs and Export Regulations
  • Something else…

After identifying areas for improvement, Nelson Technical Center will develop solutions and present cost-saving opportunities you may not have considered.

Reduce Costs

Would you like to reduce total packaging costs by 10% or more?

Sure you would. Nelson Technical Center not only makes saving money easy, we save you time too. Optimized packaging helps you to:

  • Save on Materials Costs
  • Cut Down on Packing Time
  • Reduce Freight Charges
  • Free Up Warehousing Space
  • Eliminate Export Regulatory Challenges
  • Help the Environment

Sound good? Let’s get started...

Improve Your Packagaging System

Every improvement project begins with a comprehensive packaging analysis.

This all-inclusive evaluation of current systems and processes takes place at your facility. The entire process can last anywhere from several hours to a few days (depending on the complexities of your project and available room for improvements).

Next comes the good part. Nelson Technical Center carefully compiles the data and provides you with the good news in our Opportunity Analysis Report.

Now that you've got the boss’s attention, Nelson Technical Center will assist with all technical support including product packaging design and pallet testing so you can begin putting the savings into action.

Make your job easier. Call or email Nelson Technical Center today.


Insects like Emerald Ash Borer create export regulatory concerns. Ask about heat treatment for wooden pallets or ISPM 15 exempt plastic pallets.

Pallet Retrieval

Our own web-based software for reverse distribution. Nelson-ART™ manages the entire life-cycle of your packaging assets. Learn more about Nelson-ART™.

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