Packaging and Unit Load Testing

Lab Testing and Field Trials

After conducting an opportunity analysis and getting technical support from Nelson Technical Center, your industrial packaging design is complete and ready for testing. Will it hold up to the rigorous logistical and environmental challenges of industrial shipping and warehousing? We’re about to find out.

Packaging and Unit Load Design Testing

Think about everything your packaging will endure before reaching your customers.

It will likely shake and rattle – it may even roll. There’s a chance it might be dropped or get knocked around. Then there are environmental factors to consider like moisture, heat, cold or insects.



Drop / Impact


With help from Nelson Technical Center your packaging and unit load design is about to undergo a broad spectrum of lab testing and/or field trials. By recreating the distribution environment in a controlled test environment, we can verify, validate and quantify both the material and the design of your new industrial packaging system.

Packaging Lab Results

Your next task is simple – just relax.

Nelson Technical Center manages the testing requirements, reporting on findings and observations.

Next, we advise on any necessary revisions including protective packagaing such as angleboard, edgeboard, airbags and resusable void fillers. What could be easier?

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Testing Protocols

Standard and special tests can be performed including those specified by:


ASTM International
ASTM International