About Nelson Technical Center

The Nelson Technical Center is part of Nelson Company. The Nelson Company has been headquartered in Baltimore since 1918 when it began supplying wood packaging to the Bethlehem Steel Company tin mill in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

Today our proficiency in transport packaging and reverse distribution enables us to provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution than most manufacturers and distributors can achieve with in-house resources.

Nelson Technical Center specifically focuses on the three key elements of the packaging system:

  • the pallet
  • the packaging
  • the material handling environment

Systems Approach

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We understand how these three elements must work together in order to achieve the lowest total cost for packaging and the least amount of product damage. Through this systems approach, The Nelson Technical Center provides companies with the tools that they need to design new packaging systems and improve current packaging systems, all while enhancing sustainability.

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Go Green

Reduced waste, reusable packaging and recycled pallets benefit the environment and your bottom line. Learn more about our Sustainability Program.