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Nothing will tell you more about the capabilities of industrial packaging companies than real-life client challenges and the resulting success stories.

Reducing total packaging management costs with an eye towards sustainability is our core focus.

Nelson Technical Center helps businesses like yours reduce damage, improve packing or standardize pallets for improvements everyone in your product chain will notice.

Case Study: Reduce Damage





Delays and Extra Costs Due to Transit Damage

New Pallet Design and Packaging Solution

Reduced Damage Rates to 0.2%

A manufacturer shipped tall top-heavy metal units on solid wood pallets with protective packaging made from corrugated and wood pulp. Damage rates were only 1% of units shipped, but any damages to these $10,000 units caused significant delays at time-critical facility startups. Worst case, one damaged unit might hold the installation of other units. Customer dissatisfaction was high.

Nelson Technical Center assisted in the design of a pallet and packaging solution that reduced damage rates to 0.2%. The little damage that did occur was often field repairable at the job site. The overall project resulted in a significant cost savings for the manufacturer and elevated customer satisfaction levels.

Case Study: Improve Packaging





Damage; Waste

Designed a Reusable Engineered Wood Crate

Eliminated Product Damage; Improved Sustainability

A manufacturer shipped long rolls of highly valued paper suspended on wooden pallets with corrugated sleeves and wooden top caps for protection. Product damage rates of 15% were causing significant customer complaints, delivery delays, and costly returns.  Nelson Technical Center designed a reusable engineered wood crate that has completely eliminated product damage.  Through the use of Nelson-ART, a global return program for these crates was established for the collection, return, and reuse of the crates.

Case Study: Standardize Pallets





Non-Interchangeable Shipping Pallets

Standardized Cross-Functional Universal Packaging Solution

10% Reduction in Packaging Cost; Elimination of Packaging Relocation

A manufacturer acquired additional manufacturing facilities.  Even though each facility produced very similar products, the returnable packaging used to ship these products was different and not interchangeable.  Plus, multiple packaging SKUs generated significant inventory duplication and created additional freight costs for the relocation of packaging.  Nelson Technical Center worked directly with our client’s improvement team to redesign, lab test, field trial and implement a cross-functional universal packaging solution. The result was a 10% reduction in packaging cost and the elimination of packaging relocation.

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